Bitflow AMM is Live on Mainnet

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2 min readDec 28, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for the Bitflow ecosystem — the launch of the Bitflow AMM DEX on Stacks mainnet (Private Access)

🏄 Private Access: Currently the Bitflow APP is available to early supporter, active community members , testnet testers and StackingDAO members! We’ll be rolling out access to more users in the upcoming weeks!

Important Links:

Bitflow App

Bitflow DEX Mainnet Guide


Audit By Coinfabrik

This groundbreaking development empowers Bitflow users to trade and earn with Bitcoin without relying on central points of failure, replacing malicious middlemen with PSBTs, Atomic Swaps, Layer-2 smart contracts, sBTC, and decentralized liquidity pools — unlocking the full potential of Bitcoin.

Wen Airdop?

We’ll be rolling out Bitflow Points — the first step towards including our community in the future success of our Protocol. 🪂 Details are coming very soon!


Bitflow’s DEX provides unique advantages to Bitcoiners in DeFi, allowing them to trade and earn with BTC while leveraging the security and network effects of the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • Bitcoin Swaps: Trade BTC without custodial risk. Say hello to a more secure, transparent, and decentralized way of trading.
  • Trade Stablecoins: Efficiently trade stable assets with deep liquidity pools optimized for low slippage and fees.
  • Add/Remove Single Sided Liquidity: This enables users to add or remove liquidity without needing to provide an equal amount of two different assets.
  • Earn Real Yield Based on Real Trading Activity: LPs (liquidity providers) deposit USDA and sUSDT tokens → earn USDA and sUSDT. Deposit BTC → earn BTC.
Unlock Real Yield with Bitflow and StackingDAO
  • stSTX/STX Pools: We’re thrilled to announce that the StackingDAO Pool is live on Bitflow Mainnet! Unlock your STX with stSTX, the most integrated liquid stacking token in the Stacks ecosystem and Earn more REAL yield with Bitflow Liquidity Pools! Learn More
  • Open Source: All Bitflow code is open source, including smart contracts and the front end.
  • More to come: Partnership Annoucement, Genesis NFT, Poins, STX20 and BRC20 Integration and more trading pairs!

The protocol is building on the frontier of permissionless innovation on Bitcoin, and you can learn more about Bitflow and join our waitlist on our website at


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BitFlow Finance

A decentralized stable swap protocol that generates rewards for liquidity providers & native Bitcoin holders