Bitflow & Arkadiko Partnership: Unleashing Deep Stablecoin Liquidity

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4 min readMar 20, 2024

In a landmark move for the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem, Bitflow, the pioneering decentralized exchange (DEX) for Bitcoin, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Arkadiko, the first DeFi protocol on the Stacks blockchain.

The launch of the USDA StableSwap liquidity pool, a key initiative of this partnership, represents a significant leap in DeFi, facilitating low-fee, minimal-slippage swaps between USDA and USDC, and enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of stablecoin trading.

This collaboration heralds the launch of Arkadiko 2.0 with its innovative features and initiatives aimed at enhancing liquidity, stability, and earning opportunities within the Bitcoin DeFi space.

🌊 Bitflow: Revolutionizing Bitcoin DeFi

Bitflow stands at the forefront of merging DeFi functionalities with the unparalleled security of Bitcoin, courtesy of the Stacks blockchain. Our decentralized exchange (DEX) introduces innovative solutions like the Automated Market Maker (AMM), stable swap functionalities, single sided liquidity and seamless bitcoin swaps.

The essence of Bitflow lies in our commitment to deep liquidity pools, minimal slippage, and exceptionally low fees, ensuring an optimal DeFi experience for Bitcoiners and Arkadiko community members.

Arkadiko 2.0: A New Chapter in Stablecoins 🚀

Arkadiko emerges as a trailblazer in the DeFi space, first introducing USDA — a stablecoin pivotal for the Stacks ecosystem’s growth and stability.

💪 Arkadiko 2.0 is more than an upgrade; it’s a revolution in DeFi, with the introduction of a USDA redemption mechanism, new collateral types like stSTX and sBTC, and much more.

All these upgrades should create strong demand for USDA and establish it as a reliable and liquid over-collateralized stablecoin for the Stacks ecosystem. 2024 may very well be the year of the $DIKO, with emissions now live on Bitflow!

This evolution represents our commitment to innovation and the endless possibilities within the DeFi ecosystem.

Boosting USDA and supporting the Arkadiko Finance

  • Arkadiko and Bitflow are entering a groundbreaking partnership, marking the introduction of Arkadiko 2.0, which is set to redefine DeFi within the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • The partnership will unveil the USDA StableSwap liquidity pool, aimed at revolutionizing DeFi by providing low-fee, minimal-slippage swaps between USDA and USDC.
  • This collaboration is focused on strengthening the USDA liquidity pools and ensuring robust support for stables and seamless transactions for the community.

🌟 $DIKO Emission Rewards Now Live on Bitflow

Grab your board and ride the $DIKO emission rewards waves on Bitflow, adding another layer of excitement and opportunity to our platform with ~40% APY at launch!

🧮Real Yield and Bitflow Points

You are early to the surf session, anon! The Bitflow Points quantifies the active involvement of our earliest supporters in the expanding world of Bitcoin DeFi.

  • Boost Your Yield with Bitflow: By providing liquidity and escrowing your USDA LP token to the Bitflow pools, users can earn additional yield in USDA/USDC through trading fees.

How to Earn Points

Currently, you can earn liquidity points through escrowing (a.k.a. staking) your LP Tokens on the Earn page of the app.

  • Add liquidity and Escrow your USDA/aeUSDC LP on Bitflow and earn 4X Multiplier!

The math is simple, transparent, and designed to benefit everyone from long-term holders to active DeFi users.

Example: 1,000 in USDA/aeUSDC-LP = 1pt per LP x 4 multiplier (First 30 cycles), you earn 4,000 Bitflow Points daily.

Track your progress, rank and view our new leaderboard on the Points page!

This partnership signifies our unwavering commitment to propelling the Bitcoin economy forward, creating new avenues for trading, earning, and growth within the dynamic DeFi ecosystem.

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