Bitflow Protocol Updates: New USDA/USDC Liquidity Pool

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5 min readMay 20, 2024

We’ve launched an upgraded USDA<>USDC pool with enhanced AMM logic, that brings us one step closer to enabling single-sided liquidity again very soon.

This update is part of our commitment to improving usability, liquidity and optimizing your earning potential. If you’re a participant in Bitflow’s USDA/USDC liquidity pools and looking to migrate, follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition. For assistance, open a support ticket in our Discord.

What This Upgrade Means for You

  • The new stablecoin liquidity pool is live on Bitflow Finance. . The previous USDA/USDC pool (v-1–2) can be found under the Migrating Pools tab.
  • Users who previously staked those LP tokens are still actively earning $DIKO rewards during their complete escrow period.
  • We’ve adjusted the app to support proportional liquidity additions (matching the same ratio of tokens in the pool). The ability to provide Single-sided liquidity contributions is one of Bitflow’s most convenient features, and it will return soon!

Migration Steps

1. Connect to the Bitflow App:

2. Visit the Migrating Pools Page:

  • Go to Migrating Pools
  • Click the “MIGRATING POOLS” tab
  • Select the “USDA-USDC Pool”
Note: If you are not currently providing liquidity or escrowing in the previous USDA/USDC pool, you will not see any LP balances in migrating pools. You may provide liquidity in the new Active pools (v-1–3) to start earning rewards.

3. Reclaim LP Tokens:

  • Check if you have any “Available To Reclaim” LP Tokens under your account.
  • Click the Rewards tab to check and claim any available $DIKO rewards.
  • Actively Earning? If you’re escrowing in the migrating USDA/USDC Pool (v-1–2), you may reclaim your LP Tokens when your escrow cycles are complete and unlocked.

4. Migrate Liquidity to v-1–3 Pool:

  • Once you’ve reclaimed your LP tokens, you’ll see a balance on the “Migrate Liquidity” section of your app, including total USDA-USDC Tokens available to migrate.
  • Confirm the transaction in the wallet pop-up. The transaction should take ~10 minutes depending on Stacks block time.
Wallet Confirmation “Migrate-Liquidity” Contract

5. Escrow for Additional Rewards:

  • Visit the EARN page
  • Click the “USDA/USDC Pool”
  • Scroll down to escrow your LP tokens and earn additional yield in USDA/aeUSDC through trading fees plus Bitflow Points and additional rewards every cycle.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.

These updates underscore our dedication to maintaining the highest security standards and enhancing your experience on our platform

Our community’s involvement plays a crucial role in the ongoing security and enhancement of our platform. By regularly reviewing submitted reports and encouraging community participation in our channels and bug bounty programs, we continue to fortify the security of our platform.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ below. For further assistance, please open a support ticket directly on our Discord.


Q: What is the purpose of the Bitflow pool migration?
To transition users from migrating pools to improved USDA/USDC pools, offering better rewards, new AMM mechanisms, enhanced security, and continued participation in our EARN rewards.

Q: Are my previously assigned points still valid?
A: Yes, all previously earned points and rewards are still valid. You can continue earning more points by escrowing your LP assets. To learn more about Bitflow Points, click here.

Q: My LP Tokens are “actively earning.” How do I migrate to new pools?
A: Users who previously staked LP tokens are still earning $DIKO rewards during their complete escrow period. Please wait for the next “Unlock Cycle” to reclaim your LP tokens and complete the migration process.

Q: Why new USDA/USDC Pools?
A1: We’ve launched an upgraded USDA<>USDC pool with enhanced AMM logic, addressing an issue that allowed unintended gains via single-sided liquidity. All user funds are safe, and new pools are now live and ready for migration.

Q: Do I need to migrate in order to withdraw my LP Tokens from the previous pool?
A: Yes, to remove your USDA/USDC LP tokens from the v-1–2 Pool, you’ll need to complete the migration process. They will then be available in the new Active pool to add/remove liquidity as normal.

Q: Are my funds and LP tokens safe?
A: Yes, this migration ensures all LP tokens are migrated at full value to continue participating in new pools.

Q: Has the upgrade affected any other liquidity pools?
A: No, this was an isolated upgrade only affecting the USDA/USDC Liquidity Pool contracts. No other contracts or pools were altered during this process.

Q: When will I start receiving emissions and rewards again?
A: Organic yield is back, and you can start earning USDA and USDC from trading fees from the first cycle. We’re coordinating with Arkadiko to enable DIKO emissions for the new pool. Those who staked in the previous version will continue earning DIKO emissions as expected.

Q: I don’t see any rewards or LP tokens for reclaiming?
A: You may have reclaimed your tokens prior to this migration. Your LP tokens if previously in escrow can be found in the Pool Migration Page. Check your wallet balance for USDA/USDC LP tokens and proceed to migrate LP tokens if necessary.

Q: How will the new pools benefit me?
A: The new pools offer improved rewards, enhanced security, and better AMM logic, ensuring a more efficient and secure trading experience.

Q: What should I do if I need help during the migration process?
A: If you have any questions or require further assistance, please open a support ticket in our our Discord Channel. Our team is here to help you through the migration process.



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