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6 min readApr 26, 2024

Bitcoin has recently recaptured the attention of developers and is making waves with Ordinals and the upcoming Runes launch.

At Bitflow, this has led us to double down. By announcing our rebranding, we are aligning ourselves even more closely with this roaring wave that is currently pushing the Bitcoin ecosystem forward. We strive to make Bitflow your preferred gateway for all things BTC, Stacks Tokens, BRC20s, AND Runes.

Brand Applications Across the Bitflow Protocol — DEX, Foundation and Bitflow Labs

With this major rebrand, we have a lot of things to share with you — including our new overall design system, faster and more useful apps, as well as upcoming features. Read on to learn more.

How it all started: From Stableswaps to Bitcoin DEX

At Bitflow, we are committed to the principles of Bitcoin. Our design choices are firmly aligned with Bitcoin’s fundamental philosophy — mastering one specialty. Just as Bitcoin dedicates itself solely to establishing itself as the global digital base currency, Bitflow began with a single focused ambition: to excel as a premier stableswap platform.

From our inception, we’ve embraced the idea of perfecting a core service before expanding. This dedication has set the stage for Bitflow’s next evolution. We are now poised to become the preferred DEX aggregator within the Bitcoin ecosystem. In line with Bitcoin’s open ethos and the growth of the Stacks protocol, we will aggregate all trading routes across Bitflow, Velar, ALEX, and Arkadiko and give the user the best possible rate.

We believe that this permissionless collaboration will benefit other protocols, traders, liquidity providers, investors, and the entire Bitcoin ecosystem at large. For example, our favorite memecoins, including $LEO, $WELSH, $NOT, and $ROO, are now tradable on Bitflow. And without a doubt, following the Nakamoto update, a plethora of new memecoins will surely be tradable as well!

Better User Experience — Revamping from the Ground up

All our existing apps that help you trade and earn with Bitcoin have undergone a facelift. Swapping Bitcoin, stablecoins or any other asset on Bitflow has been optimized for low slippage and fees. This lets you efficiently trade stable assets with deep liquidity. And if you want to contribute liquidity yourself, you can do so from one side only. There’s no need to add a balanced amount of each token.

In the very near future, we will also be launching atomic swaps with transaction bundling. This allows users to go back and forth from native BTC to xBTC or STX. This way, your BTC can be swapped and be put to work in one simple click.

Additionally, we’re introducing new trading view charts in the app through our collaboration with stxtools.io. This integration allows you to perform any type of technical analysis directly within Bitflow.

Another Stacks related update concerns Liquid stacking. Pioneered by Stacking DAO, liquid stacking has been a huge unlock for the Stacks ecosystem. And we help you to make the most of it.

Following the partnerships with StackingDAO, Arkadiko’s USDA stable pools, and upcoming integrations with Hermetica, Ducat Bitcoin Native stablecoin, Arch Network and more, we’ll be launching another mechanism on Bitflow that allows you to borrow BTC against your stSTX collateral.

Integrating Runes from the Start — Two for one!

But we are not done. These have just been the upgrades we will be doing on Stacks. Since we have proven the ability to build out deep liquidity pools for capital efficient trading, we are going to replicate the same setup on Bitcoin Layer-1 with a Runes AMM.

To do so, we are actively collaborating with our partners, leveraging existing technology to develop this new solution. Our aim is to create the most comprehensive liquidity pool within the Bitcoin Layer-1 network. This will involve integrating Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs), Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBTs), to deliver a decentralized, trustless supplier pool with deep on-chain liquidity. Users will be able to trade their assets without having to use any type of bridge or give up custody to a CEX.

Once Runes goes live with the halving at Bitcoin block 840,000, you will be able to etch, mint and trade Runes tokens with this AMM on Bitflow. Thanks to our very own points system, you will be earning points ahead of our TGE while using the AMM.

Speaking of a token, we can officially announce that the Bitflow governance token, $BFF, will be on the Runes standard and thus on Bitcoin Layer-1. Because we are all about enabling the broader Bitcoin ecosystem. This allows us to deploy for emissions and governance across the multiple Bitcoin L2s, such as Stacks.

$BFF will have the following core functionalities:

  • Incentives: Participants in the Bitflow protocol may receive incentives in the form of $BFF tokens for contributing to the network’s growth and functionality. This could include rewards for providing liquidity, staking tokens, or participating in community initiatives.
  • Governance: $BFF token holders have the right to participate in governance decisions regarding the future development and direction of the BitFow protocol. This includes voting on proposals, protocol upgrades, and other key decisions affecting the ecosystem.

Decentralization is Key — Bitflow’s Foundation

At its core, Bitcoin and the broader crypto world are about decentralization. With Bitflow we want to remain true to this cause. This is why the Bitflow Foundation, structured as a non-profit organization, will be supporting the governance and growth of the Bitflow protocol.

With the help of the Foundation, we can foster the decentralization of the protocol and its open-source technology stack.

Firstly, the Foundation serves as the seat of governance, providing an impartial forum where diverse $BFF holders can build consensus on the future direction of the BitFlow protocol. As we further decentralize the protocol, the Foundation will support the establishment of the BitFlow DAO, granting the community full control over governance decisions.

Additionally, the Foundation will contribute to research and development. Working alongside other contributors and collaborators, the Foundation’s primary mission is to advance the decentralized financial infrastructure of Bitcoin DeFi and Web3. This effort will include an ecosystem growth grants program, as well as building and fostering partnerships to further the development of the BitFlow protocol in the most sustainable way possible.

Join the BitFlow community to engage with and contribute to our evolving Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem. Head over to bitflow.finance, and follow us on X Twitter for the latest updates and discussions about the future of our protocol. Your participation is valuable to us.



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